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My name is Saniya! (she/her) If it wasn’t obvious from the start, I love reading! I can always appreciate a good cup of tea, specifically when I’m delving into the world of literature! In my blog, you’ll find reviews, wrap-ups, and so much more for all of your favourite novels, manga, and graphic novels! I hope you stick around, because I am more than delighted to have you!

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šŸ“šSaniyašŸ“šYA novel enthusiastšŸ“šoccasional writeršŸ“šbullet journaleršŸ“š tea loveršŸ“š

For business inquires email sunnysidereviewssk@gmail.com If there are any books you would like me to review, please take a look at the menu bar for more information. I am open to collaborations, partnerships, interviews, and more! If you would like to work with me, I’ll be more than delighted to make it happen!

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